Here’s my review of the viral Volvo – Van Damme ad..

There is something about the epic Volvo ad, that I can’t get enough of!

It IS an epic split, something that freezes you for a moment. Yet, its far more than the split. There is a certain quality to the ad, that takes you deep down, to a point of sudden inexplicability. For the entire one minute, you are just left to experience a grand promise. The sunrise, the still mind and the split, all finely unify leaving you in a state of awe towards the craftsmanship. For years, we have talked about “precision” in engineering but this was the first time I experienced it.

Having a vision, in the first place, to invite the world to deeply “experience” the brand through an ad rather than just “know” about it, is in itself a grand thought. Conceptualized and executed brilliantly, the ad evokes an overwhelming feeling of admiration, at many levels. I was completely in awe of Volvo’s craftsmanship, attention to quality, the mindset that has driven it, and the vision that has energized it. Volvo, sure, to me was never the same again, after this one! 🙂