Creating a climate of sensitivity..

Versus Selling.

I get about 17 cold calls every week. Everyone of them trying to sell. And sell hard. “Sweetheart, Why don’t you rather create a climate of sensitivity towards the problem, you are trying to solve for me?” I am not going to care to listen, unless I am sensitivized first. Unfortunately most problems, most people seem to be solving for me today are ones I don’t care about now. Its just not the top and center of my mind, if it was I’d be calling them and not the other way around. Given that, my only question to people selling something to me is – why not first help me see the consequence of not addressing the problem, you are solving for me now? 


Sounding passionate Vs Sounding smart

On a recent work assignment of meeting and interacting with a hundred prospects, my first and the most important learning was..sounding “smart” doesn’t make a connection; sounding “passionate” does. Whoever you are. Talking passionately, you weave a story your way, you connect at a point on an emotional plane. Talking smartly, you pitch, you get an email address to follow up with. Not saying, sounding “smart” is not valuable, it just doesn’t go deep enough. At the end of the day, you want to take people along with you, not just have them agree but adopt.

Simply put – more modest & passionate you are, closer you get. Fundamentally, it is with the humanness in our conversations, we connect..not with our flauntable degrees. 😛