Are we making a sun out of the earth?

I read an interesting article this afternoon, talking about using light to transmit data, resulting in an incredibly faster Wi-fi called the Li-fi! While this seemed interesting in the beginning, soon i began to wonder.. are we making a sun out of the earth? The earth comes with certain atmospheric conditions that is supporting life extremely well today..for all we know, fiddling with it for faster internet, may trigger a flux reversal or tearing of the ozone layer or extinction of dolphins! (Unless someone has a thorough understanding of scatter diagrams and the universe). Imagine, light bulbs buffering 20 year long videos to billions of smart phones, messing with the atmosphere! 

Do we really have to be so data-greedy? Why not just step out of the balcony and enjoy the weather? 🙂



An enabler is an enabler, it can’t be the purpose. Yoga is an enabler, not the purpose. Technology is an enabler, not the purpose. When I hear my techie friends go – “I exist to build apps” makes me go – Whew!

Give soul to what you do! 🙂 

An enabler is a…


What do I do with the web?

Everyone wants a website. From bloggers to governments to entrepreneurs to corporates to dabba-waalas, everyone giving back to the world in their own unique way is figuring out what to do with the web. The question I am hearing is – “How do I make the web meaningful for me and helpful for how I am giving back to the world?”

Lets take a deeply local, predominantly offline business in the streets of Shirdi, for a moment. Imagine a doodh-wala pinging his customer on arrival of dairy-fresh paneer or a tailor whatsapp-ing a pic of the blouse being stitched, to the customer. The power of internet today, that enables a vendor to connect with customers, have more personal touch-points, build relationships, socialize ideas, take orders from people, deliver promises to hearts in just a matter of few clicks is incredible. Its probably now time to take that power to predominantly offline behaviors in say the tier 3 towns in the country.

Of-course, It starts with asking – “What do I do with the web? How do I make it meaningful for me?”



People ask me, what kind of a blog I have. Personal or Professional. Well. I don’t see life as personal and professional, single and social, work and holiday, childhood and adulthood, past and future etc.. 🙂 my blog is a reflection of life, my learnings, experiences, stories or simply what I strongly feel about this very moment 🙂 ..I love writing and believe in sharing a slice of my life with the world, having conversations, making friendships. 🙂

People ask me, …